Business continuity - Duty of care The safety of traveling employees and lone workers
an essential responsibility of your company


Strategic and operational vision for day-to-day risk management

Formal approach following ISO 31030 guidances to strengthen stakeholder confidence and trust.

Cultural approach and self protection advice
Multiple risks Management consulting
Concept and writing of Emergency Plan

Technical solutions for travellers and employees
Operation briefings - Emergency procedure chart

Crisis Management tools

Targeted audience:

Institution and public service

International projects and missions

Professional position and role  where the sensitivities of the mission require intellectual conditioning and technical preparation.


Develop simple procedures and implement effective tools to secure your employees' movements.

Promote appropriate immediate decision-making and communication management in crisis situations.

Propose experts from multiple disciplines and backgrounds (geopolitical analyst, operational security manager, lawyer, cyber security).

Identify, coordinate and motivate these resources for combined actions to cover organizational risks, and adapt to people from very different cultures.


Basic training
Awareness and presentation of travel tracking tools
Duration : half a day
Price: 700€

Advanced training
Awareness, comprehensive risk information, case study, presentation of tools and proposed model travel risk management
Duration : one day
Price: 1500€

Field training
Real life training in operational condition through exercises to prevent kidnapping, extortion, carjacking / Secure your travel and journey / Make the business traveler’s toolbox yours
Duration : one day
Price: Contact us


Pre-deployment Executive committee Seminar and Security plan review 
Coaching, training needs assessment and up-skilling
Review and evaluation of emergency and safety plans
Tailor-made approach to operational mission planning
Duration : 3 days
Price: Contact us

Being prepared, you feel confident

You will promote a team player attitude and a real capacity of immediate response. Through a first experience, your team may feel more serenity in the face of legitimate concerns during crisis situation.

Moreover, for your personal life or as isolated personnel, you'll have a "soft landing" at your destination which will allow you to make your mission a success, and ensure the well-being of your family if they follow you abroad. We reduce the risks of a wrong start and loneliness in an unknown land.

Key criteria of a successful preparation: bespoke, simple et applicable.

Phil & Brothers means: interpersonal skills in leading implementation of improving actions and in driving the change of behaviour in multicultural environment.

Phil & Brothers means : superior communication skills towards a wide range of stakeholders and diplomatic approach.

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