site assessment - situation analysis and preparedness evaluation and up-skilling
for workers
in uncertain areas

Your objective is our concern:

Feedback from our support and evaluation missions for non-governmental organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as knowledge of the practices of big companies, has shown that the Duty of Care and employee protection efficiency - is a matter of common sense and good equipment choice. But it is above all a matter of acceptance and integration of procedures by employees and finally appropriate training.

Our concept

The success of a Security Plan  requires a prior review of the systems and procedures in place, and an exchange with the client on his priorities and objectives. Without adherence to the concept and shared views, no effective implementation is possible.

Your Security Master Plan

An evaluation, drafting and implementation in 5 steps:

  • Understand your approach to security and your specific concerns.
  • Explain the risks and perpestives of improvementPreparation tools.
  • Evaluate the situation and propose an action plan.
  • Propose a train plan and bespoke up-skilling solutions.
  • Implement the new security master plan with clear communication channels, operations briefing, templates of task orders and check lists for field operations.

Benefit and capacity of:

Analysing needs and vulnerabilities
Planning and preparing for crisis response
Creating structures and processes
The decision process
Experience Feedback.




Risk and vulnerability analysis matrix.
Predictive or post intrusion path study by aerial observation (UAS).
Autonomous underwater operation of verification and prevention of sabotage or intrusion.



Preparation of missions and trips to uncertain areas
Traveller Cyber Security
Hostile operating modes
Immediate Responses
Contingency plan

Our trainings are based on team building and adherence. They revolve around Strategy and the power of your mind.

P&B DNA : interpersonal skills in leading implementation of improving actions and in driving the change of behaviour in multicultural environment.

Communication skills towards a wide range of stakeholders, especially when diplomatic approach is necessary, is P&B approach.

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