Mission : Phil & Brothers is a personal company working with a specialized partners’ small network for supporting your   short-term travel and missions in Europe and overseas – post-crisis countries (stabilization & transition), criminality exposed places, fast changing environment.

Training : Phil & Brothers is skilled in mentoring associates and private clients on crisis management, security training, coordinating emergency preparedness training.  Phil & Brothers also propose to help you to turn managers and employees into a cohesive team by outdoor training and crisis simulation exercices.

P&B is particularly specialized in delivering:

  • Crisis management training,
  • Team building,
  • Support for hiring/screening local staff,
  • Security personnel management tool boxes, Standard Operations Procedures, Behavior guidance,
  • Residence and ship assessment : Hotel security assessment, Yacht Security Assessment (recommendations, tender summary, implementation of procedures, safety room, conduct of work and follow up).
  • Travel planning (country fact book and advice, traveller security handbook, list of useful contacts, basic chain of alert chart) for private and business travel.
  • Evacuation plan and emergency response for lone worker. (Emergency plan, procedure and chain of alert, proposal of lone worker “red button” alert and general positioning system).
  • Journey Management.