Tools you learn:

Preparation tools
Crisis room / Clear communication channels / Crisis management risk analysis / Business continuity management process / Operations briefing / three dimensional mock ups and sketches.

Intervention management tools:
Tables / Templates of task orders and check lists for field operations.

Benefit and capacity of:

Analysing needs and vulnerabilities
Planning and preparing for crisis response
Creating structures and processes
The decision process
Experience Feedback.



Module 1 - Academic course

Crisis management at a state level
Private sector crisis management
Crisis management policy and direction / Crisis management strategy
Crisis management Plan / Crisis management organisation
Crisis management training.


Module 2 - Practical and field training:

Through a captivating, fun and effective scenario, crisis management simulation allows you to test your teamwork spirit.
Validate your training by activating a Crisis Cell in total immersion.

Our trainings are not based on your physical performances. They revolve around Strategy and the power of your mind.

Pierre-Olivier Monteil demonstrated very good interpersonal skills in leading implementation of improving actions and in driving the change of behaviour in multicultural environment.

PO Monteil demonstrated superior communication skills towards a wide range of stakeholders, especially when diplomatic approach was necessary.

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